Everyone would like to buy as low as possible but how do you do it ?

Ghandhara Estate can help you!

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The need for our service

Everyone would like to buy as low as possible but how do you do it ? Searching property itself a time consuming task, once the preserve of the professional property dealer, are also an obvious source of potential bargains. But if you lack the time to do the research and the experience to make the right decisions then you won’t benefit from this potentially attractive market which is where we come in.

Ghandhara Estate aims to assist you in property to realize their ambitions, whether those ambitions be to build a lettings property portfolio, find the ideal project to renovate and live in fore-ever, or just to buy, develop and sell on for a profit.

How we work for you

There are two separate components to our regular subscriber service, both of which have equal value. The first is the provision of information, the second is the provision of expertise. In addition we offer subscribers a pro-active search and recommendation service at our discretion, or if you require your own personal investment adviser to search and recommend on a dedicated basis.

There are a variety of ways in which we come across buying opportunities. For example, by using our contacts with reputable builders we can sometimes offer investors the chance to buy off plan before the general public is informed. Also, because of our presence in the market we are sometimes approached direct by property owners who know that if we introduce a buyer they will avoid delay in selling property.

However, even if you find property without our help, our expertise can still be a vital asset.

We can help you objectively assess the property relative to your aims and if it matches up, we can help you work out what you are prepared to pay. Using our negotiating skills and experience we will then endeavor to secure the property at the lowest price. After the purchase has been concluded, if appropriate, we will advise you on how to best prepare the property for let. When the property is ready we will help you rent, and negotiate favorable terms on your behalf.

Free Information and general advice

Our property introduction service involves us sending you a free regular update of available properties and providing you with generic free advice about how to proceed. This means advising you about how best to finance your purchase and the precautions you need to take. In effect we are providing you with the support and expertise you need to proceed with confidence.

Selling a property? Looking for tenants or management services? We can help you. Find a property or search for property management and commercial property. Alternatively you can browse available properties from our website.

Interested in buying or renting a farm or land? Search through our wide selection of land and property for sale and to rent in our website.
Find up-to-date information on the latest property values, rental prices and market trends across the Pakistan.

We can help you find your ideal new-build home in the Pakistan. Search a wide range of brand new homes for sale, including luxury houses, flats and apartments from the Pakistan’s leading property developers.

Search our wide selection of commercial property for sale and to let, including offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, retail space and industrial properties. We have all the financial advice you need when buying or renting a property.

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