Housing Maps

This sections showcases Maps of Different Cities, Sectors, Colonies, Housing Schemes and Other Housing Projects.



Mumtaz City Islamabad Map 



PECHS Updated Map


Map Title

Bahria Town Phase 3 (Part 1)

Bahria Town Phase 3 (Part 2)


Park Enclave (Updated)

Park Enclave Phase-II


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DHA Phase 2 Extention Islamabad

DHA Phase 1 Lahore



master-plan-of-islamabadMaster Plan of Islamabad
sectormap-d-12Sector Map of D-12
sectormap-e-7Sector Map of E-7
sectormap-e-11-1Sector Map of E-11-1

sectormap-e-11-2Sector Map of E-11-2
sectormap-e-11-34Sector Map E-11-3 and E-11-4
sectormap-e-12Sector Map of E-12
sectormap-f-11Sector Map of F-11

sectormap-f-10Sector Map of F-10
sectormap-f-8Sector Map of F-8
sectormap-f-7Sector Map of F-7
sectormap-f-6Sector Map of F-6

sectormap-g-14Sector Map G-14
sectormap-g-13Sector Map G-13
sectormap-g-11Sector Map G-11
sectormap-g-11-markazSector Map G-11 Markaz

sectormap-i-8Sector Map I-8
sectormap-i-8-markazSector Map I-8 Markaz
sectormap-i-9Sector Map I-9
sectormap-i-10Sector Map I-10

sectormap-i-14Sector Map I-14
sectormap-i-15Sector Map I-15
sectormap-i-16Sector Map I-16
sectormap-i-11-1Sector Map I-11-1

sectormap-i-11-2Sector Map I-11-2
sectormap-i-11-2-3Sector Map I-11-3
chak-shahzadMap of Chak Shahzad
margalla-town-1-2Map of Margalla Town

Park-Enclave-IslamabadPark Enclave Islamabad
MPCHS-Block-AMPCHS B-17 Block-A
MPCHS-Block-BMPCHS B-17 Block-B

MPCHS-Block-CMPCHS B-17 Block-C
MPCHS-Block-DMPCHS B-17 Block-D
MPCHS-Block-EMPCHS B-17 Block-E
MPCHS-Block-FMPCHS B-17 Block-F

Multi-Residensia-Orchard-MainMulti Residensia Main
Multi-Residensia-Orchard-A-BMulti Residensia Block A B
Multi-Residensia-Orchard-CMulti Residensia Block C
Multi-Residensia-Orchard-DMulti Residensia Block D